Basis work in rheumatology is to examine joints. The experienced and well-trained rheumatologist is able to "feel" the arthritis. X-rays and labs complete the diagnostics. Those data give hints to the inflammation and possible affection of the joints.

In the last decade, ultrasonic of the joints and the soft tissue have rapidly developped. Today, we are able to detect not only the swelling and its fluid, but also the degree of inflammation, shown by the circulation of the blood vessels. Neurosonic gives hints to the affection of nerves, e.g. carpaltunnel syndrome.




New joint swellings of the finger - joints
advanced rheumatoid of the hands with destruction of the finger joints
Osteoarthrosis of the hands

Was ist Rheuma?

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common disease within the large group of inflammatory joint diseases, showing symptoms as swelling, pain and tenderness of the joints. Furthermore, you find Psoriasisarthritis and Lyme - Arthritis as well as Fibromyalgia. A smaller group of patients suffer from socalled collagenosis and spondylarthropathia.